Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Problem Finders

"The thing we are neglecting is to find a generation of problem finders. I don't want young people that can solve a pseudo problem, a fake problem generated by their teacher. I want young people that can go out into the world and find problems that really need solving and have the capacity to go and start solving them with their peers"
Ewan McIntosh is CEO of NoTosh Limited, a startup that works with creative industries on the one hand, and then takes the processes, attitudes and research gained from working on those projects to the world of education, providing schools, districts and Governments all around the world with ideas, inspiration and research on how to better engage students. He is also keynote speaker on innovation, design thinking and creativity and writes occasional posts on learning on his blog, edu.blogs.com.
-- Read The 5 Things I've learned by Ewan

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