Wednesday, March 18, 2015


"Feel the music" is part of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra’s "Beethoven Journey" concert series. Deaf and hard of hearing children are sensing the sound of a drum or the vibrations of a cello with their whole body. They touch them, sit under the piano and conduct the musicians. This time, three schools from Zurich and around Lucerne in Switzerland are participating. A life-enhancing project for both - children and musicians: "Touching the instrument I could feel it through my hand and my arm in my whole body. But also all the other instruments have transmitted vibrations to my body" says one of the students. The idea for the workshop with deaf and hard of hearing children was born because of Beethoven, who himself turned hard of hearing in his 20s and later deaf which totally influenced his compositions. Since May 2012, there have to date been workshops in eight European countries and around 150 children have taken part (source: youtube via WISE Channel)

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