Thursday, March 19, 2015

13 Million Voices

"Today I'll rise and I won't resign my heart to do what I wanted but I wasn't able to I won't accept today, I will try to be better life has a solution, there's nothing impossible I don't believe in "never"!" (No Creo en el Jamás - I Don’t Believe in Never)
Juanes is a Grammy Award-winning musician from Colombia. His personal experience of violent conflict in his home country moved him to use music to send a positive message to young people. Through his songs, his international performances, and his work with his own foundation and other initiatives, he raises awareness of the power and importance of peace building. (from United States Institute of Peace website)
Paz sin fronteras II (Peace Without Borders) was the second in a series of benefit concerts headlined by Juanes that occurred September 20, 2009, in Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, Cuba. More than 1.15 million people attended the all-star concert made up of many of the top Latin pop, rock and salsa stars from Latin America, Europe, Puerto Rico and Cuba.
Set against the musical backdrop of this concert in Havana, 13 Million Voices is a film that traces the personal ten-year (2004-2014) journey of its protagonists illuminating the stories of Cuba's forgotten youth. As the path of the biggest international names in Latin music, youth protagonists, and the 1.3 million in attendance intersect, a concert is transformed into the voice of a generation.
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