Monday, March 09, 2015

Nurturing 'disruptive' kids leads to creativity

"The single biggest factor in the success of a child is that students own expectations as to what they can achieve..if we are constantly testing people and telling them you are an average student...that is setting their expectations of their own performance...formative assessment is an important part of teaching..but let's take away pretty much all that summative assessment and free up that time away from drilling for tests..and invest that time and resources into learning, relationships and creativity."
Lord Jim Knight, Managing Director of Online Learning at TSL Education Ltd, comments on creativity in education. Are we ready for it? How can we assess creativity? Why does constant assessment not help to raise creative individuals and what does it take to build tomorrow's education? Jim Knight is also a member of the House of Lords and a Visiting Professor at the London Knowledge Lab of the Institute of Education. He is currently building an online professional development platform for teachers to support each other in developing their practice.

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