Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creativity at the Crossroads

"If we want to prepare a new generation of creative thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs, we need to prepare our students to see patterns, and shapes and connections. and what better way to do that than inserting the arts as essential part of our life and civilization"
Before she started building the Cade MUSEum for Creativity and Invention, Phoebe Miles travelled the world with her husband and 3 kids and became fascinated by the unique responses each child had to different educational systems. She thinks that if we want to increase the number of problem-solving young people in the world, then we must return to the model of classical Greek education, that valued building creative connections in all subjects, using the arts as a primary means of tying together scientific subjects. While the Greeks believed that the arts were essential for stimulating creative scientific breakthroughs in mathematics and astronomy, modern education, in contrast, places the arts in the category of harmless diversion. This despite studies that show that many scientists, among which Nobel Prize Winners, attribute their breakthroughs to their training in the arts. It's time to talk about STEAM instead of STEM and usher in a new Renaissance of creativity.

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