Thursday, March 26, 2015

What is A Creative Education

"Most schools are concentrated on learning to know, getting some knowledge and a few technical skills and this is not enough in education. We have got to help young people discover who they are, what their potential is, to have the independence and autonomy to believe in their capacity to make a difference in the world and to learn to live with other people
Chief Executive of international NGO Creativity, Culture & Education Paul Collard explains the importance of a creative education and the need to involve artists in future education.
The International Creative Education Network (ICEnet) is a worldwide network that aims to connect artists and creative professionals to improve the quality of practice and to provide opportunities for cooperation. It focuses on the unique role that creative professionals play in the development of creative skills in children and young people.
-- Watch 2012 Collard's keynote speech : "What Is A Creative Education And Why Is It Important"
-- Read "Assessing Creativity in Education" by Paul Collard
-- Watch Paul's Creative Curriculum programme in Pakistan schools

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