Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Future Will Not Be Multiple Choice

"What kind of reality we are preparing kids for: the same old industrial landscape, a wide open frontier filled with unlimited possibilities or one with silver unitards and google glasses? The truth is there is no one right answer because the future is not a multiple choice test, it is a design let's teach our children to think like designers and then prepare them to meet the challenges of designing the future." 
Creative genius Andrew Davies and forward-thinking educator Jaime McGrath propose a new approach to classroom teaching: Turn curricula into design challenges, classrooms into workshops and teach students to think like designers. In turn, the education process becomes intensely collaborative, people-centered and fun.
With a background in Illustration, 2D Animation and Broadcast Design, Andrew's multifaceted interests have taken him from a small advertising shop in Barbados to Mississippi where he helped build MadGENIUS Inc. Drew now leads the creative team at Savannah-based Paragon where he straddles various design disciplines.
Jaime McGrath is a teacher and gifted specialist at Gould Elementary School in Savannah, Georgia.
This is great.

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