Sunday, March 29, 2015

An Inconvenient Youth

"Climate change is a horribly abstract, big, scary and overwhelming issue. But if we share stories about our own lives in regards to climate change that are personal and heartfelt, we can make this climate crisis a more human story and one of the heart — not just numbers on a page. If we can do that, then maybe the general viewpoint will be one of excitement at changing the world for the better and not one of fear or greed" - Slater Jewell-Kemker
An Inconvenient Youth captures the vibrant though under-reported story of the global youth climate movement. For too long, young people - the very people whose lives will be most affected by the consequences of climate change - have been, condescended to, or just plain ignored by governments, corporations, mainstream media and UN negotiators (source Wild and Scenic Film Festival)
An Inconvenient Youth doesn’t question data that’s universally accepted by climate scientists, so it’s not a documentary filled with graphs and numbers. It’s a film that focuses on the hearts and dreams of young people who have devoted themselves to change – to a sustainable future (source here)
-- Read 'An Inconvenient Youth' Tells The Truth About Climate Change on Forbes

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