Saturday, March 28, 2015

Importance of Environmental Education

"Many of today’s school–reform initiatives threaten to create “reform schools,”those places where we used to send delinquent youth. These were basically lock–ups, offering education behind bars with an emphasis on strict discipline and rote memorization. Similarly, the cultural literacy and high–stakes standards movements threaten to lock the school doors and throw away the key…Instead, we need a school–reform model that focuses on the principle of sustainability—figuring out how to live within our means at both a local and global level"David Sobel
The Green Schools Initiative is a mostly volunteer effort that aims to provide the tools to help make US schools healthier and more ecologically sustainable places. They believe it is essential to protect children's health - at school and in the world beyond school - and work to catalyze and support. According to their Report  “The Little Green Schoolhouse”, research shows that schools that adopt an environmental focus demonstrate better academic performance across the curriculum and that environmental education helps build creative thinking and relationship skills, and fosters leadership qualities. They give many suggestions that fall within the broad category "TEACH GREEN", which, as they say, it is probably the most important pillar of all.
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