Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blended Learning and the future of education

"Someone says in this model teachers matter less since computers are taking over part of the instruction, but I say that teachers matter more. They are now the orchestrators of these complex learning path picking which program should go to which student. They have to target all the skills that a computer can't do. How to motivate that child? How to connect what they are doing with their own life?..The teacher needs to be a critical thinker and an innovator and we must teat him as such."
Blended Learning has become a buzzword for using technology in the classroom. The idea is generally used to describe the education system's response to the need for 21st century skills, a solution to the budget crisis in schools, and a beacon of hope for the transformation of education through individual interventions. In her talk Monique Markoff sharpens the idea of blended learning and offers some insight on potential successes and pitfalls of implementing a true blended model. According to her, blended learning has enormous potential but it is not a panacea for the woes of education.
Monique is currently teaching in the Education Department at Ithaca College, training the newest generation of future teachers as they prepare to inspire their students.

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