Monday, March 16, 2015

Mobile Technologies and Open Education

"I don't think education is limited to the classroom...what technology and digital in general allows us to do is to really extend this experience well beyond the classroom..would I say that in the future we won't have a physical classroom?..I am fairly sure that there are certain things that will remain in the classroom..there are certain things that are very difficult to emulate in the digital world.."
In this interview Dr. Evgeny K√°ganer, Associate professor at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, shares his views on various topics concerning mobile technology and technology in general in education.
- Can mobile technologies change the way we learn?
- How are these technologies contributing towards Opening up Education?
- How does technology promote entrepreneurship in Education?
- How can we use Online Learning to innovate?
- How to explain the high drop-out rate in MOOCs
- How will the future of education be?

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