Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Does Arts Education Matter?

"...You are giving access to different ways to express what is going on in your life and to me that is the most important thing about arts in schools because kids are so often in trouble...and when we take a way all of these tools that we have to express our feelings or to see in a play maybe someone else going through what you are going through, you are really depriving kids of an opportunity to survive" - David Hyde Pierce (actor and comedian)
In 1971, Center Theatre Group launched its award-winning arts education program, Performing for Los Angeles Youth (P.L.A.Y.), as a means of amplifying the diminishing state of arts education programming in Southern California. Currently one of the most active theatre education programs in the country, CTG’s Education and Community Partnerships Department reached over 19,000 students, teachers and community members in 2012-2013 from 134 schools and 194 community organizations throughout Southern California. They are dedicated to the development of artists, educators and young people’s skills and creativity through the exploration of theatre, its literature, art and imagination. In this video the CTG Student Ambassadors Advocacy Team asked students and professionals a simple question: Why does arts education matter?

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