Friday, February 20, 2015

Inspiring Curiosity

“I support drama in schools because it develops confidence, self-belief and a voice with which to be heard in an increasingly complex and challenging world.” - Tony Jackson
Every child should have the right to drama as a regular part of their curriculum. However, drama has been increasingly marginalised within the school curriculum as a non-essential subject. A good education needs to provide a balance between being taught facts, and being provided with the opportunity to explore and learn for oneself. Drama is an essential way for children to reflect on and understand the world in which they live.
2015 sees the 50th Anniversary of Theatre in Education at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry, marking 50 years since the establishment of a company dedicated to using theatrical performance and drama workshops to explore issues of cultural, social, political and moral significance as part of a free service to schools and the young people of Coventry. Theatre in Education encourages children to investigate challenging situations for themselves, to search to find the answer, rather than be given it on a plate. To mark this significant anniversary, the Belgrade is arranging a year of events to celebrate and promote theatre made for and with young people (read here)

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