Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Arts Teach Us to See

"We marginalize the arts in society, we limit the opportunity of young people to study music at our peril, it limits not only our emphaty and our connection but even our ability to perceive.."
Nuvi Mehta, the San Diego Symphony Special Project Director, reveals how music has a unique power to bypass the conscious mind and touch us directly within the subconscious. Accompanied by the guitar work of Pepe Romero, we're drawn in as Nuvi talks about the power of music to help us feel, using fun and engaging examples to help us understand just how powerful music can be. Widely considered one of the finest speakers on classical music, he has a gift for capturing minds and hearts. Mehta’s multi-media Symphony Exposé concert series, combining drama and education with symphonic music is building a new generation of classical music lovers.
Pepe Romero is a world-renowned classical and flamenco guitarist, particularly famous for his outstanding technique and colorful musical interpretations on the instrument. Pepe has premiered works by some of the finest composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and has appeared with leading symphony orchestras throughout the world. 
Extremely eloquent talk, MUST WATCH.

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