Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't cut the Arts!

"Creativity, culture and the arts are being systematically removed from the education system, with dramatic falls in the number of pupils taking GCSEs in design, drama and other craft-related subjects, a new report has revealed. A year in the writing, the newly published Warwick commission report examines all aspects of the creative arts sector and describes arts audiences as overwhelmingly middle class and white...""The artist Bob and Roberta Smith said CP Snow’s “two cultures distinction of 50 years ago – that society was split into science and the humanities – had been made “irrelevant by the emergence of the power of digital technology”. “We must totally overhaul the importance of art, design, dance, craft and drama, and teach them in a more contemporary and computer literate way to every child so that we do not deny our young people access to a £76.9bn economy...""The report insists that arts education should be an entitlement for all children. It believes the government’s focus on science, technology, engineering and maths needs also to include the arts. It says: “Policymakers are obsessed with a siloed subject-based curriculum and early specialisation in arts or science disciplines that ignores and obscures discussion around the future need for all children to enjoy an education that encourages creativity.” -- Read entire article on THE GUARDIAN

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