Friday, February 06, 2015

Real-world Engagement

"We really think that part of what is wrong with the current educational system and why people talk about it is broken is that it is fundamentally starting with the wrong questions. The educational system often now starts with the question of outcomes. It starts with"what do we want kids to learn? What are the goals? What is the material they need to cover? And then everything is defined by that. It does not almost matter who the kid is so long as we are going on pace through the material and content, reaching the educational standards of those outcomes, because that is our starting point. Our core question is "What the experience we want kids to have?" So the core question is around engagement. And as soon as you start with "Is the kid engaged? What is the learning experience we want the kid to have?" then you have to pay attention to the kid".
- Connie Yowell, director of education for the MacArthur Foundation
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