Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Models of Creativity

"I believe the future of education is a lot different than the one we are experiencing right now. It is not about bloated degrees, physical classrooms, it is about skill-based, real-life learning. And it is independent..right? I believe the future is about the democratization of our most important resource which is creativity"
At 2012 PSFK Conference San Francisco, Chase Jarvis elaborates on the importance of a creative education, and how our current education system is broken. As a young and struggling photographer, he vowed that if he was ever in a position to help young creatives like himself, he would do so. So once he made it, he decided to share all of his trade secrets with anyone and everyone, raising a lot of criticism. He decided to take this one step further and expand his audience bringing out the potential of people who would not otherwise consider themselves as creative types. He created an app called ‘Best Camera’, which allowed users to take a picture with their phone, add filters and adjust the image, and then publish that image directly to social media sites. It was a model that would later become huge through apps such as Instagram and Path. From this came the idea of CreativeLIVE, an online teaching space bringing together some of the top creative leaders in their industries. Their classes are taught live + accessed for free, and provide in-depth knowledge by following the teachers around for hours or even days. Jarvis sees this growing access to creative education resources as not just an evolution, but as a revolution that will help overturn outdated education practices. (Read full article by Nora Woloszczuk HERE)
-- Watch "Creativity is the New Literacy" by Chase Jarvis

PressPausePlay, is an free 80 minute film by the House of Radon, which explores the recent extraordinary democratization of creativity enabled by technology, and its implications. It features interviews with some of the world's most influential creators of the digital era.

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