Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Labels limit learning

"We should be using them (labels) to describe the actions, the things that children are doing rather than the things children are"
Educational consultant James Nottingham draws attention to the problem of labelling children - even when those labels seem positive. He describes the impact of labels - good and bad - on student expectations and how this affects learning. He then offers us alternatives - to focus on student progress (rather than rank order) and to use labels to describe actions rather than people.
James Nottingham specializes in transforming up-to-date research into best practice for teaching and learning. Initially a teacher and leader in schools for 3-18 year olds, he now runs his own company, Challenging Learning, with a team of 20 consultants across Scandinavia, the UK, and Australia.
Very interesting presentation, please take the time to watch.
-- Watch James discuss how encouragement leads to learning

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