Sunday, March 23, 2014

What creativity is trying to tell you

"Creativity needs mistakes"
" creativity is trying to tell you to get messy, make mistakes, fall down, get back up again, embrace the F word: failure...I haven't heard of anyone that could walk the first day that they were born, so why do we put all these unrealistic expectations on ourselves to never fail?"
"We are all creative no matter what you think"
The creative process is as individual as it is universal. And yet there is a secret that creativity itself is yearning to tell us. Since the age of 9, Jonathan Tilley has performed as a singer, dancer, actor, and gone on to other creative ventures such as a playwright, director, choreographer, author, and voice over artist. Many different titles, one common thread: Creativity. He shares pivotal life experiences that define creativity for him and shows how you can tap into your own creativity on a daily basis, in whatever space and time you have. An inspiring talk about creativity.

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