Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Most Neglected Skills

We feel that this is another important issue our society should face, another form of disconnect between education and real life.
"In the United States we have shamefully convinced most high school students that they either need to go to Harvard or they need to go to McDonald's. And the truth is significantly more complicated than that. In the middle are where job growth is, where there are jobs that are not being filled today and too few people in our public policy community are really focused on what students who are going to pursue a career as their pathway out of poverty, for example, really need to be getting from their education -- really need to be getting from the public policy people who are dedicated to creating opportunities for them ... And the sooner we get to the point that we take the career side of the college and career readiness equation much more seriously, the better off our society will be, the fewer young people we will have who are in a position of not being in school or at work and the better off we will be in terms of filling existing jobs requiring high levels of skills for which there are no employees today". -- Jeff Livingston

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