Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Taking imagination seriously

Art can be simply mesmerizing.. pure beauty.
We are posting this TED talk as a metaphor for the world of education:
"Fourteen years ago, I searched for beauty in the traditional things, in craft forms. Now I combine them with hi-tech materials and engineering to create voluptuous, billowing forms the scale of buildings. My artistic horizons continue to grow".
We believe education should be viewed in similar ways. Take the beauty where there is beauty, but be courageous enough to leave behind what does not work anymore. Look forward, don't stand still..keep on moving and use creativity to adapt to a changing world. Horizons are limitless as is imagination.
“I create sculpture that makes me feel protected, yet connected to limitless sky”
Janet Echelman builds living, breathing sculpture environments that respond to the forces of nature — wind, water and light— and become inviting focal points for civic life. Exploring the potential of unlikely materials, from fishing net to atomized water particles, Echelman combines ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to create her permanent sculpture at the scale of buildings. Experiential in nature, the result is sculpture that shifts from being an object you look at, to something you can get lost in. Please take the time to watch, it is not a long one...

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