Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amazing speech

Today we will focus on teachers and their potential to make a difference in young people's life.
"Everything that I am it is because a couple of teachers like you saw through all that mess and all my faults and saw the potential deep down inside me, that I could not even see for myself. And it is this type of teachers that made me into the man that I am today, a man that has extreme love for people. So I tell you again that you can do it because I am the living proof of it, you can pass the torch to these kids so they change their communities, they change the world. Believe in you, be determined and don't give up."
A summer intern at Teach For America Baltimore, Elijah Miles delivered this inspiring speech to a group of incoming teachers at institute. Wise well beyond his years, we think Elijah's words are a great reminder about why we do the work that we do -- uploaded by Teach for America
THIS IS A MUST WATCH, please do so.


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