Friday, March 21, 2014

Enabling Innovation in Education

Let's talk again about innovation in education..this is a very passionate talk. We have listened some time ago to the "angry black man", this is a very "angry white man"... :)

"Young people have a remarkable capacity for intensity" -- Leon Botstein
"We can have high standards without standardization"-- Gary Stager
"Any time you are thinking of intervening on behalf of the education of someone else you have to ask yourself is there way to shift more agency to the learner and less from us"-- Gary Stager

Gary Stager is an internationally recognized educator, speaker, journalist, consultant, and founder of the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute. Since 1982, Gary has helped learners of all ages on six continents embrace the power of computers as intellectual laboratories and vehicles for self-expression. He led professional development in the world's first laptop schools (1990) and has taught students from preschool through doctoral programs. This what they said about him is: "Some people think outside of the box. Gary is unaware of the box's existence." (Futurist, Dr. David Thornburg). The June 2010 issue of Tech & Learning Magazine named Gary Stager as "one of today's leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and leadership."

Watch also his 2013 TED talk "We Know What To Do"
"Those of us who know better need to do better!"

Gary Stager: My Hope for School
"We don't need to have schools to create winners and losers, we don't have to grade and rank and label kids the way we do. We can create environments where the kids want to be and in fact this is the only future that is viable for schools"

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