Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blending technology and classroom learning

"..or we can figure out a way to make zip codes irrelevant to a child's ability to learn, to realize their learning potential, and I believe in doing so realize their human potential. I am very excited about the future of learning because I think it rests in the promise of blended learning..learning that combines the traditional face to face classroom experience that all of us perhaps grew up with, with new innovative technologies that have the power in my mind to democratize learning"
-- Jessie Woolley-Wilson
"If children do not learn the way we teach we must teach the way they learn" 
-- Margaret Mead
Jessie Woolley-Wilson is an eLearning leader who has served as President of LeapFrog SchoolHouse, Blackboard, and now as Chair, President and CEO of DreamBox Learning, creator of the Intelligent Adaptive Learning platform that teaches students at any level of understanding how to become better junior mathematicians. Excellent talk.

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