Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Future of Education Without Coercion

"Humans are built to walk, humans create, humans cook, humans tell stories..So, how does school rank? The current model of high school fails every single one of these measures. Are they arbitrary? Maybe, but I’m a blogger and this is my blog...Do we walk, cook, create, and story tell? Regularly? Is your school built to emphasize these parts of being human?.. I’m saying that if you ignore the end users’ requirements for interacting with your system, you’re going to get insanity...I’m just saying that a school that is mobile, centered on creating solutions, allows for sensible food preparation and production, and built on narrative is the only school that I want my kids going to". -- Shawn's blog
Shawn Cornally's tagline to his blog sums him up well: "Dealing with the fear of being a boring teacher." Clearly Shawn is successfully combating this fear. Blogging extensively and generating conversations among educators across the world, Shawn brings us some perspective on how the tools of today can be put to work in the classroom.
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