Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good resources for teachers

BlueHarvest - Managing Individualized Education. "BlueHarvest isn't a gradebook, it's a learning tool. It helps manage the hundreds of conversations I have as I differentiate for every student"
BlueHarvest is the experiment of a high school teacher in Iowa who was fed up with students valuing points and grades above learning. What does BlueHarvest do? BlueHarvest is a website that organizes the feedback that teachers give to students and then keeps it organized by idea for future reference as the student progresses. How much? Your account is free of charge until one year from the day you set it up, at which point it will be $36 per year for each subsequent year.
-- read about it - review by Chris Ludwig

Edmodo is a "social learning platform" website for teachers, students, and parents. It is marketed as the Facebook for schools. Join over 33 million teachers and students safely connecting in online classrooms, collaborating on assignments, discovering new resources, and more!

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