Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Creativity as a Life Skill

"If all we ever did was to conform, then we wouldn't have growth, we would never try anything new"
"How often have you quickly criticized an idea only to find out later that it really worked. If you move quickly to convergence, to judge fast, you may limit your ability to see new possibilities"
"Today creativity and creative problem solving has never been more important"
"In an era of standardization and accountability in schools perhaps what we are teaching children to do is to be good conformists, instead of teaching them how to be independent thinkers"
Gerard Puccio is chair and professor of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State, a unique academic department that offers the world's only Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership. In the face of a fast changing and increasingly more complex world, many argue that creativity and innovation are crucial 21st century skills. Unfortunately schools and organizations seem to be ill equipped to promote this critical skill. Discover what you can do to reclaim and sustain this life skill.

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