Thursday, May 08, 2014

The importance of public schools

"Public schools are the only schools that are accessible to all children...there is no other institution, no other service, no other organization that is as accessible and as committed to meeting the needs of children as are public schools. Even when public schools don't work well academically, we have to keep that in mind...Public schools are still part of making sure we have a vibrant democracy, they are still important to make sure there is a sense of integration and cohesiveness within the society. It is really a vital resource that is under appreciated".
As a leading urban sociologist, Pedro Noguera examines how schools are influenced by social and economic conditions in the urban environment. Here, he talks about the importance of public schools.
"We believe in a society where education should serve as pathway to opportunity, where your talent and your ability and your effort should be what determines how far you go, not who your parents were, but in fact who your parents were matters a whole lot more".
"It is in our collective interest to ensure that all children get a good education. And that's the part that rubs against our individualism, our notion that it is our self interest that matters more than our collective interest".

A MUST WATCH if you believe that every child is entitled to a proper education, regardless of their background. This man is truly inspiring.

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