Thursday, May 01, 2014

Learning through play

"When kids fail during the creation of Rube Goldberg and then they iterate, they are really learning to take risks"
"Failure is really bad, but I guess if you have a good attitude, then you can always make it what you wanted it to be and not to get frustrated. So failure's not so bad if you know how to fix it"

What if instruction could actually engage students and get them excited about learning? What if school could foster student creativity and support their expanding imaginations? What if educators around the world had the tools to provide students with the 21st century skills to imagine and create their own futures in our ever-changing global society? At New York City's game-based learning school Quest to Learn, sixth graders take risks in the process of designing a Rube Goldberg machine, which enables more creativity, innovation, and engagement.
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Failure is Reframed as Iteration / Rachelle Vallon from Institute of Play on Vimeo.

It Kinda Feels Like Play / Leah Hirsch from Institute of Play on Vimeo.

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