Thursday, May 01, 2014

"The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation"

"The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation, which should be directed to the same purposes as education; society and the public authorities shall endeavour to promote the enjoyment of this right" -- DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD Adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV) of 10 December 1959
For children, play is a fundamental need just like eating, sleeping or drinking. It is an essential part of growing up and enables children to develop skills for life. Yet despite its recognised benefits, play is increasingly under threat. We need to ensure that children have better and more opportunities to play.
In the following video Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) teamed up with Early Childhood Ireland to ask children what they think about play. Let's forget all the economic interests that might be connected to this...We think that the message is important.
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On the occasion of World Play Day on 28 May, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Anna Maria Corazza Bildt hosted an event in the European Parliament entitled 'Taking play seriously: investing in Europe's future' to enhance understanding of the unique role of play in supporting children's development. The event was kick-started by Fredrik Härén, a leading expert and author on creativity, who presented his thoughts on how play and creativity benefit society. This event was supported by Toy Industries of Europe (TIE).

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