Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Teacher's Story: More Than a Number

"Education is about making people excited, it's about sharing stories, it's about narratives that can pull people in, it's not about simply filling things up and measuring them"
Inspirational education has more to do with the narratives that we each bring to the teaching/learning experience than the use of standardized measurement tools to rank each teacher and student. The current thrust towards quantifying teaching and learning marginalizes the essence of teaching which is complex, unpredictable, often challenging, and always human. The policymakers and the politicians and the media clamor for more accountability as we watch the fire being extinguished in the hearts and minds of our young people. Something is wrong with this picture and we need to act now to fix it. Dr. Dodge, the chair of Educational Leadership and Administration Department at LIU Post, addresses these issues by pulling from years of experience as a teacher and administrator (see more about him in previous post)

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