Monday, June 01, 2015

STEM and the Liberal Arts Were a Power Couple...

... Let’s Get Them Back Together!
In its ancient origins, the liberal education featured science as an abstract elective rather than a practical subject that would net you a job. Science was studied for stimulation, to attempt to grasp truths about the universe. The current mindset that science leads to a career while English and other liberal arts are subjects for stimulation is a very modern concept. Journalist Fareed Zakaria explains that we should continue to prioritize liberal arts and subjects such as English, history, and rhetoric for the same reasons why our predecessors valued science before it became practical or fashionable to do so (from Big Think)
Fareed Zakaria has been called “the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation” (Esquire). He is author of the new book "In Defense of a Liberal Education".

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