Sunday, June 28, 2015

Schools Need More Friction, Less Fractions

"When we truly teach young people how to think, we teach them how to be themselves with so much authenticity and confidence they will never need transformation or reinvention or rebranding because they have already become all of themselves"
The real problem with education is that we've forgotten what it means to "think." Connecting familiar ideas in unexpected ways, Jordan Shapiro explains why learning needs to be irrational. Learn what transformation, gratitude, noticing, relationships, yoga, and muscle articulation have to do with the future of school. Jordan Shapiro’s academic work and publishing blend psychology, philosophy, and business in surprising ways. His internationally celebrated writing on education, parenting, and game-based learning can be found on He teaches in Temple University's Intellectual Heritage Department where he’s also the Digital Learning Coordinator.
-- Read "5 Rarely Considered Obstacles To 21st Century Education"on Forbes

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