Saturday, August 29, 2015

Music in Schools

Music in Schools Today is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco that supports and develops music education programs that increase student achievement. They believe that music nurtures the human spirit, promotes personal development, and is central to learning and the creative process. Music and the arts are as essential to a well-rounded education as literacy, math and science. Music, both in and out of the classroom, promotes physical well-being and social understanding and helps build bridges within local and global communities (read more here)
There is a growing amount of scientific research that shows that music can inspire us at many levels other than affecting our mood or inspiring social change. Listening to music, and especially playing a music instrument, affects the brain unlike anything else. And learning to play music or incorporating music into lessons at school can have a multiplier effect on education overall. In fact, studies show that music education can help improve grades. It can help with standardized test scores. And attendance. And behavior. Music inspires education (read more here)
[Music Inspires is an ongoing project by Music In Schools Today]
“It’s what we do. We call and respond in life. We’re always stepping forward and stepping back, and sharing the microphone and supporting another person when it’s their time to shine…I’m constantly asking my students to assess the situation with this question: ‘Is it time for me to stick out and solo, or is time for me to blend in and accompany?” - Zach Pitt-Smith (teacher)
-- Music Inspires Collaboration
-- Music Inspires Language
-- Music Inspires Confidence

Music Inspires Community from musicinspires on Vimeo.

Music Inspires Education from musicinspires on Vimeo.