Tuesday, February 04, 2014

John Lennon, the Artist

Not everybody knows that some famous musicians are also talented visual artists. John Lennon was one of them. Art was actually Lennon’s first love. He began drawing long before he had a guitar, then attended the prestigious Liverpool Art Institute for three years (1957-60) before the Beatles became a full-time occupation. He continued to draw throughout his life.
-- from The Art of John Lennon website.
A close friend of John Lennon's from Liverpool art college, Bill Harry who has written several books about the Beatles, said that he loved John's art because it reminded him of Steinberg, the American artist."He had a great fluidity of line with his cartoons and things...But he was such a rebel… instead of drawing the life model, he'd draw her watch.."
-- Read article by Imogen Carter, the Observer here
And do you know what is the red stamp on the prints? Artists in the Orient sign their works with an individual, patented stamp known as a chop. John Lennon’s (to the left), which is hand-stamped in red on each edition, was designed by him to read "Like a Cloud, Beautiful Sound."
-- from The Art of John Lennon website.

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