Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beautiful distractions in 21st century learning

Very interesting point of view...

"Learning is experience and  that experience opens up a pathway to possibilities"

Dionne Custer Edwards is a writer and arts educator serving K-12 students through arts partnership with artists, teachers, and the community at The Wexner Center for the Arts, where she created PAGES, a multi-visit writing-based arts program for high school students and WorldView, an exploratory, global-minded, cross-cultural arts program.
When we think of potential distractions in a typical K-12 classroom, we might envision: students passing notes, staring out the window, doodling, whispering side conversations, or, heaven forbid, texting. What if we could design learning environments as experiences with built-in intentional distractions, allowing a complex and dynamic learning process? In this kind of learning environment, we would embrace, even engage distraction: a choir of inquiry, a beautiful collision of difference (in opinion, perspective, experience), or a flexible lab for hands-on, interactive problem solving. What if engaging distraction is learning?

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