Monday, November 17, 2014

The Whole Child

"Children come to us with more than just their math book or their science book in their backpacks. And we know that it doesn't matter how great a curriculum you have, how great a teacher there is, or how great a mentor that you have. You can pour all the tutoring hours you want into this child, but if it's a child that’s facing violence, or is depressed, or is hungry, there's nothing that can address that issue other than taking care of that basic need first, because they are just not going to be ready to learn." -- Julane Hill Director of School Health, Nebraska Department of Education
From proper nutrition and physical fitness to accounting for the socio-emotional growth of students and the well-being of teachers, school-based health initiatives have empowered academic achievement and enhanced students' ability to learn. "The Whole Child" showcases exactly what schools are doing to prepare students to be focused and fit for the classroom and for life. By taking care of the whole child inside the classroom, Heartland schools illustrate the responsibility schools have to their students and the need for a safe and supportive learning environment.
-- Watch entire documentary here (by NelovesPS)

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