Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Healing Power of Art #2

This first video by UNICEF highlights the role of art in the healing process for children affected by war and displacement. In Azraq refugee camp, Jordan, children paint a mural to express their feelings and emotions. There are more than 300,000 Syrian children in need of psychosocial support in Jordan.

Hamed comes from Homs, Syria. He is 17-years old and now lives in Mafraq, northern Jordan. Hamed hasn't been to school for 5-years, since the war started in Syria. He attends a UNICEF and IMC run youth center where Hamed has been active in the drama classes performing plays that highlight issues in the community. Providing alternative learning, life skills and psychosocial support for young people affected by war and displacement is critical.

"I didn't choose my name. Or the colour of my eyes, or the way I look," sing Syrian and Jordanian children at a 'Child and Family Protective Place' in Irbid, northern Jordan. It's their morning music session with Firas from Dera'a, Syria. Since fleeing the war in his home country 3-years ago, Firas has been providing an outlet for vulnerable children to express themselves through music. This is their story.

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