Friday, October 30, 2015

Music for Equality

Musequality’s mission was to support communal music-making for disadvantaged boys and girls in developing countries, giving them the skills, confidence and experience they need to turn their lives around. Unfortunately Musequality has ceased its operation starting the end of January 2015. However, their websites (Musequality + Musequality World Busk) remain up so that visitors can see how music projects can change young lives, and among other take inspiration from the many imaginative busks and fundraising events held by Musequality supporters.
David Juritz is a world renowned violinish, who, in 2007, busked around the world to raise funds and awareness for the charity Musequality. Hie is a member of the 'Quartet of Peace', and his recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons is widely recognised as among the best of its kind.

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