Friday, October 09, 2015

Don't Stop the Music

"If you get an instrument into the hands of a kid who wants to learn it, and you provide a place and the means for them to learn it, you will see an undeniable impact in every other area of their life."
In 2011, the UK government had declared in the National Plan for Music Education that "children from all backgrounds and every part of England should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument". But on the ground, James discovered a different picture. He found teachers with tiny music budgets - or none at all. Schools where music education was only for those who could afford it. Children struggling to get their hands on a proper instrument to learn. James wanted to show the power of music to transform children's lives.
Don't Stop The Music is concert pianist James Rhodes' heartfelt campaign to improve music education in primary schools across the UK. Unused instruments donated by the public (from their attics and cupboards) were given a new lease of life and distributed to schools nationwide that really need them. A two-part TV series, featuring James’s efforts, produced by Fresh One Productions Limited, was aired on Channel 4...READ FULL STORY
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