Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Deserve To Be Heard

“The future is uncertain, but like a phoenix, the community can empower Chewstick to rise from the ashes.” -- Gavin Djata Smith

Chewstick is a community arts organization, born out of Bermuda, dedicated to breaking down social barriers by empowering storytelling, creative expression and social justice to enrich youth, arts, culture and community, so to change the world for the better. The Chewstick Culture Hub at 81 Front Street was impacted by the fire that began on Thursday, July 21, 2016 in a nearby alleyway. All equipment, furnishings, instruments, art, and cultural items have been destroyed by fire, heat, smoke, water or structural collapse. The Hub was the primary revenue line to help underwrite general operations of The Chewstick Foundation, subsidize its programming and cover the significant costs incurred with creating a custom-built, multi-purpose performing arts community centre. With the primary revenue stream lost to the fire, and renovation costs that remain outstanding, the Foundation's future will completely depend on the support of the community. We urge all members of the community to donate to this charity that has worked tirelessly over the last 13 years to empower one, and to enrich all.
Please consider donating using one of the below links. You can also stop by Dangelini’s Cafe or Rock Island Coffee to make a donation.
Donate Online: chewstick.org/online-donation/ 
Donate by Bank Transfer: chewstick.org/donate-by-bank-transfer/
For more information visit chewstick.org and social media pages.
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