Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Fighting Poverty With Classical Music

Music has always provided a back bone to the community of Soweto, South Africa. It was an escape during apartheid, and an outlet for joy when freedom came. As Mathapelo Matabane says, "We sing when we happy, we sing when we sad". But now music is providing liberation in a different way. Started in 1991, Buskaid has been providing underprivileged children with the chance to learn classical music for over 20 years. It has seen it's orchestra travel around the world from New York to Syria and fired many musicians into Classical Music stardom. But for it's founder, Rosemary Nalden, it is more than just a charity project: "There is something going on, and it's sort of much bigger than all of us. It's been hard work, but it just feels literally at a particular point in my life and in their lives and in the life of this country."
-- Watch Rosemary Nalden at TEDxObserver - The stories and songs of the Townships

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