Monday, April 13, 2015

WE are ONE

"We learn to share and care and not think twice about it / Well 2 and 2 makes 4. We never doubt-ed / But it’s what we learn through ev’ry note and / What the nation needs to know / The tune inside your head is where to go... Honestly I’m promising that music is the cure / You may come to learn / WE ARE ONE can you hear them singing?"
On the first Monday in May each year, schools across Canada celebrate the impact of music and music education with Music Monday. Launched in 2005 by The Coalition for Music Education, Music Monday is the world’s largest single event dedicated to raising awareness for music education. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and music makers participate in a simultaneous nationwide concert performance of an original song written by a Canadian artist. In 2015, Music Monday is on May 4th. To mark the occasion, CBC Music has invited several prominent Canadian musicians across a variety of genres to pen a letter to a music teacher, an educator who has greatly influenced their career.
16-year-old singer/songwriter Connor Ross is the winner of the Music Monday Anthem Search with his song “We Are One”. We Are One illuminates the purpose of this annual artistic celebration; providing an anthem that is sure to inspire Canadians of all ages to unite in recognition and celebration of the vital role music plays in our culture, our communities and in our schools.
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