Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Music Education & Me

Founded in 1945, Musica Viva is Australia's oldest independent professional performing arts organisation. They also run one of the largest music education programs in Australia, Musica Viva In Schools and have a diverse program across the country, including in regional and remote areas. Musica Viva musicians Mark Cain and Paul Tanner traveled to the mid west of Western Australia to present music education workshops for some of the most remote schools and communities in the world.

Music Education & Me - Mid West Western Australia from Musica Viva on Vimeo.

Musician Karen Kyriakou teaches music to special needs students at Rosamond School in Melbourne as part of Musica Viva In Schools' Equal Music program.

Music Education & Me - Karen Kyriakou from Musica Viva on Vimeo.

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