Friday, August 29, 2014

Peace Through Kindness

World peace doesn’t have to be achieved through drastic measures, or by some huge process. Sometimes a kind gesture, or even just a smile can help to brighten someone’s day. Rather than return the favor, this video asks others to “pass it on”. If we can start a chain reaction of good deeds, eventually it can spread. This is more than just a school thing. This is a human thing. If one simple action is all it takes, then let’s take that step to get there. We fight to stop wars, and we fight to end injustices around the world. But maybe, if we can start with just the people around us, and if we can get that to expand, maybe then we won’t need to work so hard to achieve peace. Because we will already be there.

Peace Through Kindness. Pass It On. from Myrtle Janine on Vimeo.

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