Friday, August 29, 2014

Is World Peace Possible?

"The awareness that we are all human beings together has become lost in war and politics. We have reached the point of regarding each other only as members of a people either allied with us or against us and our approach: prejudice, sympathy, or antipathy are all conditioned by that. Now we must rediscover the fact that we - all together - are human beings, and that we must strive to give to each other what moral capacity we have." - Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Thirty-one-year-old West Point graduate, author, and former army captain Paul Chappell discusses if world peace is possible and whether human beings are naturally violent or peaceful.
Chappell now works at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and travels the country talking about the necessity of ending war and “waging peace.” He is involved with the American Unity Project, which features a free online series of documentaries about waging peace. He also trains peace activists — a pursuit he believes should be undertaken with at least as much forethought and strategy as training soldiers for war (read article here)

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