Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Great programs

MILE stands for Music Integrated Learning Environment (MILE) Project. The program is presented by the Oakland Unified School District’s Visual and Performing Arts Department, in collaboration with Music in Schools Today and the Music in Education National Consortium. Funded by a 4-year, $1 million Arts-in-Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant from the United States Department of Education, the MILE Project is investigating the correlations between music learning and student academic achievement in elementary schools in OUSD. The MILE Project believes that when music is at the core of the classroom culture and the school community, 1) students and teachers teach and learn in dynamic ways that enhance student achievement across academic disciplines, and 2) schools become vibrant and healthy learning communities.

Martin Luther Songwriting Competition
Martin Luther visits Lafayette Elementary to kick off the Music Inspires songwriting contest.
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Jazzocracy: To what extent does the study of jazz help students understand the concept of freedom of expression and responsibility in personal and public domains?
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