Monday, January 27, 2014

Jeffery Kimpton - Innovate: Art

"Our ability to innovate is directly tied to our ability to be creative.."

"I find it an interesting oxymoron that in this period of time when we have the greatest access to the arts, we really are thinking that we might take the arts out of our schools.."

"..The arts, innovation and education are deeply linked together to who we are right now.."

Why Art Matters. If innovation is the new currency, then the arts are essential to the creative environment that leads to innovation. The question is: who and how will the arts matter in our future? If you have time and you are interested in this subject this is a very informative and persuasive talk about the need to include the arts as main component in the process for innovation. If you don't have too much time then just watch from min 16 when 3 students talk about their music and then play a great piece of Jazz.

Jeffrey Kimpton, president of Interlochen Center for the Arts, leads a distinguished portfolio of programs in arts education, public broadcasting and presentations. A lifelong arts educator and administration, Kimpton has brought leadership and innovation to positions in teaching and administration in K-12 and higher education, for- and non-profit arts organizations, private philanthropy and arts administration.

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