Thursday, January 30, 2014

The World We Explore - Sir Ken Robinson

"The question is not how creative are you; it's how are you creative. If we can flip our education to get to a better sense of human capacity, then I think we'll have a better chance of understanding and making sense of the world within us and the world around us...there is a wonderful quote from H.G. Wells, the science fiction writer in the early '20s, he said, "Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe". Now, it may or may not be the case, but what we do know is that -- that the great bridge between the two worlds that we live in is education. And I think that we have to rebuild it so we can build a bridge to the future".

Another inspiring and quite entertaining talk by Sir Ken Robinson at Zeitgeist Americas 2012.
Once again he stresses the fact that imagination is the source of every form of human achievement, but is also systematically jeopardized in the way we educate our children and ourselves.
"If we're serious about exploring the world around us, we have to explore the world within us. We do that by looking again at the broad structure of education, we need to restore arts programs, sports programs, we need to re-professionalize the teaching profession. Above all, we have to personalize education to every child in the system".

A more condensed and visual version (by Maximilian Journey) below:

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