Thursday, January 16, 2014

Does Music Education Matter?

The Harmony Program provides after-school music education programs in underserved communities across New York City. This non-profit organization believes that music should be an integral part of every child’s education and that great expectations lead to even greater achievement. By training young musicians and building youth orchestras in underserved neighborhoods, we work not only to shape the lives of our children but also to engage and inspire their parents and their broader communities.
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Also the video below  aired on PBS NewsHour on February 24, 2012; it was produced by the Learning Matters group, specifically Cat McGrath and John Merrow. It looks at the Harmony Program out of CUNY in NYC, which provides after-school music education to under-privileged children. That program is modeled off El Sistema, a famed Venezuelan program of the same nature. For more resources on all this, consult

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Unknown said...

Bermuda has a golden opportunity to put instruments in the hands of our kids. We need schools to give more time for the ARTS in general.
Ride the Wave is hoping to assist our kids and with the support of the community we look forward to seeing Bermuda become a vibrant artistic island. It all starts with our kids!